從紅店最初設計概念的思考,我們便站在慣性規則的邊界之外 —— 從帝標布藝沙發的原創設計和獨特布藝美學中,提煉“色彩”ICON,為紅店注入感性屬性的靈魂主張。


與大膽出挑的感性情境區“反其道而行”的是——完全去風格化的理性工坊區 —— 布藝文化展示 + 人體工程學工法闡述回應著帝標對于“一張好沙發”的另一面解讀。人體工學展示區讓消費者近距離體驗帝標沙發的人體工程學原理及工藝的精益求精,感受沙發對于腰椎、頸部、腿部等不同部位的科學有效支撐。

一切標新立異、打破邊界的表象,都是為了回答最為簡單的本質問題。這一次,我們和帝標試圖探尋 —— “怎樣的沙發才是一張好的沙發”。而答案于帝標而言,感性層面的奢適彩色與花色、精致材質工藝;理性層面的人體工學理念都是必選項,也由此為我們構建出帝標紅店打破常規的“視覺語言”,以及滿足終端運營需求的體驗輸出。

In the 1400-square-meter terminal, eight powerful color theme display areas create eight different scene spaces. The extravagant colors and colors are cozy and bold, and the traditional home stores turn into the trend show. Breaking the rules of the soft-skinned home set exhibition, the product and space seem to be disorderly and reasonable, but reasonable and correct, deconstructing the new space concept of the Emperor's standard home 2.5. Interlaced and transparent moving lines immerse the in-store consumer experience in intense scenes. The consumerism of the young consumer group, which is visually supreme and sensory, is greatly satisfied here.

And the bold and sensible emotional situation area is “the opposite way” – the completely decentralized rational workshop area – the cloth culture display + the ergonomics method statement responds to the emperor’s “for a good sofa” The other side is interpreted. The ergonomic display area allows consumers to experience the ergonomic principles and craftsmanship of the standard sofa at a close distance, and to experience the scientific and effective support of the sofa for different parts of the lumbar spine, neck and legs.

Everything that is unconventional and breaks the boundaries is to answer the simplest essential question. This time, we and the Emperor bid tried to find out - "What kind of sofa is a good sofa." The answer lies in the emperor standard, the sensuous level of luxury color and color, exquisite material craft; the rational level of ergonomics is a must, and thus for us to build the "visual language" of the imperial standard red shop breaking the routine And experience output that meets the operational needs of the terminal.