Carry bags and check in into one


"Like the new and hate the old" is people's infinite vision of a better future, to create a better home life for people as a mission, always maintain the vitality of innovation.
From the user's point of view, we can quickly respond to the upgrade of modern commercial consumption and the change of young people's consumption demand. We can open a flagship store in Fusenmei (North) to carry bags. Eight sets of space include six styles: Chinese light luxury, Italian light luxury, Nordic, Simple German, New Asia and mashup, and eventually form a unified brand image.
The exterior facade of the terminal is designed with a permeable structure, so that the interior space can automatically form a display window. Italian light luxury sets are displayed in large scenes, close to the window, forming an out-of-store landscape. The Nordic suite has changed from the traditional Makaron color system to a brighter color atmosphere, which increases the fresh atmosphere of the store space. The mix-and-match suite combines the furniture of the guest restaurant with different colors and elements to form an interesting dramatic feeling.
Innovative bag-and-check mode will provide time-saving, labor-saving and heart-saving integrated services for young people, at the same time, it will lead to a new home blue sea.