Tracing back to the origin and perfecting the natural beauty of solid wood

沃克的“實木”理念,是自然之源,是舒適美好,是一種現代家居理念,更是現代人一份迫切的生活需求。2019年,沃克破除家居行業困境與變數,“破局”未來,提出“實木 + 拎包入住”的一站式居家解決方案,正式進入實木+定制領域。

“在一個充滿實木的居家空間中,是怎么的一種生活體驗?”,這一次沃克以“實木+拎包入住”時尚生活館的落成,將一種全新的實木+生活方式帶到我們身邊 —— 關于舒適、關于顏值、關于潮流、關于生活細節和全屋實用。



A&K's "solid wood" concept is a natural source, comfortable and beautiful, a modern home concept, and an urgent need for modern people. In 2019, A&K broke the dilemma and variables of the home industry, and “broken the future” and proposed a one-stop home solution of “solid wood + bag”, officially entering the field of solid wood + customization.
Breaking the boundaries of traditional solid wood furniture, finished solid wood, solid wood custom, space design, soft assembly decoration ..... in the same space without borders, deep interpretation of a solid wood + bag to live in the ideal living space. Breaking the traditional home shopping experience, creating a variety of styles in the way of detailing and scene display, the Walker style of fashion, simplicity, comfort, health and environmental protection is fully reflected, fully catering to the new needs of young consumers, and fitting Young people pursue a personality, a trend of life attitude.
If nature is the best designer, then solid wood must be the product of its unique gift. The natural beauty of the mineral lines, colors and textures of solid wood represents a spiritual pursuit. In the space of Walker Solid Wood+, there is a contemporary life concept that returns to nature and is higher than tradition.