As a new gift category for TATA wooden doors, TATA aluminum doors and windows stores need to quickly find market entry points to form differentiated competitiveness. Our design strategy is to continue and strengthen the "silent" USP of the TATA parent brand. Through the decomposition and extension of the "mute" function, it is important to use the "sound insulation, heat insulation, sealing" required for the use of the door and window category for consumers. The parameters are systematically presented and presented in a hierarchical manner, rebuilding the sales and consumption logic of the door and window categories.

The entrance hall is designed according to the concept of a “profile museum”. Here you can see various door and window product profiles and core crafts, and rationally display the product strength; the model room area is constructed into different mute experiences according to different decibel coefficients,
allowing consumers to The most intuitive experience of the real use of different grades of products.
Rationality and sensibility work together to present the most complete product experience.