當家居生活方式越來越多地被智能所改變,曾經人們認為抽象和冰冷的“科技感”也漸也已變得觸手可及而不失溫度。智慧科技讓生活更有“新鮮的舒適感”—— 這一次,日立中央空調也做到了。近日,日立HITACHI中央空調 —— 同時也是行業首家新零售智慧門店于滬上落成。圍繞“智慧科技”的終端定位,我們打破行業常規的終端展陳規則,為日立中央空調呈現了一個可感知的「科技+美學+家居」全新終端。

HITACHI智慧門店所完成的實則是一次以空間為媒介的從技術點到“視覺和體驗方式的翻譯”—— 當圍繞著中央空調的那些消費者原本難以理解、不曾見過的技術點,清晰、直觀、可感知地出現在他們眼前,一次極高滿足感的線下消費體驗已經完成。


As home lifestyles are increasingly being changed by intelligence, the “technical sense” that once
thought that abstraction and icyness has gradually become accessible without losing temperature. Wisdom technology makes life more "fresh and comfortable" - this time, Hitachi central air conditioning has also done. Recently, Hitachi HITACHI Central Air Conditioning - also the industry's first new retail smart store was completed in Shanghai. Focusing on the terminal positioning of “Smart Technology”, we broke the industry's regular terminal exhibition rules and presented a new terminal of “Science + Aesthetics + Home” for Hitachi Central Air Conditioning.

What HITACHI Wisdom Stores is doing is a space-based technology point to a "translation of visual and
experiential ways" - when the technology around the central air conditioner is difficult for consumers
to understand and have never seen before, clear, Intuitive and perceptible to appear in front of their
eyes, an extremely satisfying offline consumer experience has been completed.In the longer period of the future, under the superposition of more and more such consumer experiences, “smart technology” will increasingly influence the offline entity terminal and home consumption experience.